Friday, April 3

ATTENTION: Bring long socks or pants to class on Friday. We will be doing rope climbs and if you leg wrap you will need protection from the rope! After a brief hiatus for the last couple weeks of the Open, the Weekly Roundup is back. Here are some of the interesting things I saw this week:

1. Over the years I've had more than one person complain about tingling or numbness in his or hands and thumbs while putting weight overhead. If you have encountered this problem or had other symptoms like headaches, weak grip or uneven shoulders you may be suffering from an overactive upper trapezius. Check out this article on the causes and symptoms from CrossFit Invictus. Remember, this is just an article describing possible symptoms. If you are suffering from these problems you should see a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Here'a documentary from the International Weightlifting Federation on the sport of weightlifting called Lift the World. I haven't had time to watch it all just yet, but there are interviews with coaches and athletes and a great part that explains the sport in great detail. If you've ever thought about competing in a meet or if you just want to know more to better understand the sport check it out!

3. For your viewing pleasure

Workout for Friday, April 3 During 30 min, Complete the Following (not for time): 5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs (5 different sets) 5X5 Bench Press (no more than bodyweight) 5 Plank Holds, 60 sec each

For Time: 40 Box Jumps Row 1K