Thursday, April 9

I saw this quote today from CrossFit trainer Pat Sherwood and I think he makes a good point. See what you think:

It's too early to say for sure, so this is just my theory. More and more people are training with increased loading & volume as if they are Froning & going to the Games. But most are neither. Most just need to be fit for life. If this potentially unnecessary manner of training leads to an injury we may hear, "I got hurt doing CrossFit". What we should hear is, "I got hurt making poor decisions."

So, what do you think? I know I have personally pushed it too far and paid the price in the past. I'm ok with that, but I try hard not to do it anymore. As I get older and have a more realistic view of my fitness and what I can do with it the decision to hold back gets a little easier. But at the same time, adaptation only comes with new stressors, so there needs to be some aspect of pushing yourself to continue to get fitter. I think the big point is to make those decisions carefully and slowly. Even if you do have the potential to go to the CrossFit Games, it won't happen overnight. Your training should have a long-term focus and intensity, volume and loading should be incremental. Most importantly, you should enjoy what you are doing and be doing it for the right reasons.

Workout for Thursday, April 9 8 min of Shoulder and Hip Mobility

9 rounds of: Work 2 min, Rest 2 min 1-3 = Max Effort Wall Balls 4-6 = Max Effort Slam Balls 7-9 = Max Effort Row for Distance

Movements do not have to be unbroken, but rests should be as short as possible.