Wednesday, April 22

We've got some schedule changes you all need to know about! First, weightlifting is moving to Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. We will have open gym time for weightlifters at 9:30 am on Saturdays. This change is effective starting April 28.

Starting May 2 our Saturday CrossFit class will move up to 9:30 am. We've noticed a trend over the last few years that the classes get smaller during the spring and summer and people typically have more to do on the weekends during the nicer months. Hopefully this allows you to get your workout in and still enjoy your Saturdays.

Workout for Wednesday, April 22 Deadlift 1X10 @ 60% 1X8 @ 65% 3X5 @ 70%

20 min AMRAP: 13 T2B 13 Box Jumps 30 second Plank Hold