Thursday, April 23

I watched this pushup video the other day and it is aimed at coaches to give us some cues and techniques to use to help people do better pushups. I think it is worth everyone watching. The pushup is a great movement for strengthening the arms, chest and shoulders, but it also very easy to do wrong. I can't even list all of the ways I have seen pushups get cheated over the years. Whether it's the hips dropping too fast, the hips not moving at all or just general worming up and down, the pushup becomes basically an ineffective training tool when done poorly.

This goes for everything we do, but don't get caught up in the clock so much that your technique suffers. It's much better to have a slower time and quality reps so your training is meaningful for the long run.

Check out this pushup video below and decide if you are cheating your pushups during workouts.

Workout for Thursday, April 23 15 min of Interval Rowing: Row 300m easy pace Row 300m Max Effort Pace

Not For Time, 4 sets of each: ME Muscle Ups/C2B Pull Ups/ Pull Ups/Ring Rows, 5 Strict Press @ 70-80% of strict press