Wednesday, April 29

Remember that Wednesday is a FriendsDay. Bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit to any of the regularly scheduled classes. The last Wednesday of every month is a FriendsDay so if you don't have anyone today get ready for next month. And if you'd like to bring someone on a different day, please check with the coaches first to make sure it's a good day for new people. I've heard more than one person mention shin splints this week and I want to get on top of this before we really get into our running season here. Shin splints are painful, but you can treat them and take preventative measures. If you are already suffering you'll need to give it some rest and avoid the movements that cause discomfort. As always, please let your coaches know so we can substitute appropriately.

Check out the Mobility WOD below for some tips and info on dealing with shin splints. Give these things a try and hopefully you see some improvement. Even if you don't have shin splints, keeping your calfs and anterior tibialis loose will benefit you greatly in everything we do.

Workout for Wednesday, April 29 Friends Day Run 1 Mile Medium Pace

5 min to Complete 3 Rounds of 10 Lunges 15 KB Swings rest remainder of time 5 min to Complete 4 Rounds of 9 Knees to Elbows (scale with hanging high knees) 12 Air Squats rest remainder of time 5 min to Complete 5 Rounds of 10 Burpees 10 Sit Ups

1 mile cool down run