Friday, May 1

It's May 1 and things are starting to heat up at CrossFit 616! We have Memorial Day Murph coming up on Monday, May 25. We will only have two classes that day at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. Come out to do a classic hero workout to honor all of those that have served our country. Also, now that the weather seems to be consistently warmer (fingers crossed) let us know if you have ideas for stuff to do outside of the gym. A big part of being fit is to allow us to enjoy life. We are always looking for ideas to get together and do things besides gym workouts. We've got some stuff planned for later this summer, but let us know if there's something you really want to do as a group.

Now for the weekly roundup!

1. Standing desks in schools? What do you think. (No, I didn't record this myself, but I do love Kelly and Michael)

2. Some of you have talked about/tried intermittent fasting so I thought I'd share this article answering some questions about it. This is a diet SOME people have success with. It's not for everyone and this is by no means an endorsement. It's just more information for you to arm yourselves with in the battle of healthy eating and lifestyle.

3. And in honor of May Day, here's a Maypole dance.

Workout for Friday, May 1 For Time: 15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts (225/155) Box Jumps (24/20) *12 min Time Cap*

With Remaining Class Time: 5X5 Weighted Pull Ups 5 Sets of ME Ring Dips 5 rounds of Row 20/15 cal Max Effort