Wednesday, May 6

Thanks to coach Robert for sharing this video on the West Michigan Barbell page, but in case you missed it, the video follows weightlifter Morghan King for a day as she talks about training and diet. It's a nice look at what high-level athletes (that have to stay in a weight class) eat to perform and stay healthy. During the time this video is shot the athletes are all cutting to make weight for their next meet. That means they have to be more strict and pay close attention to how much protein, fat and carbs they are getting in each meal. Of course, most of us aren't training 2.5 hours a day so we don't need to eat exactly the same, but if you do want to make changes in your body and weight, you might want to take a page out of their book and be as disciplined as them for a while.

Workout for Wednesday, May 6 7 Rounds, 4 min each round: Row 500m/400m 40 Double Unders 8 C2B Pull Ups Rest Remainder of each Round

With remaining class time: 5 sets of 30 sec plank hold, 30 sec hollow hold, 1 min rest.