Wednesday, May 13

This is it! Every once in a while the stars align and Mobility WOD puts out a video on the day we need it. That's right, we're talking pistols today (single leg squats for the uninitiated) and K-Star has put together quite the pistol prep video for us. Let's face it, we are all tight somewhere and if it's your ankles, pistols are going to be tough. Lucky for you there is a video below with lots of ankle mobilizations to get you ready to try some pistols in the workout today. Get after it and reclaim your range of motion!

Workout for Wednesday, May 13 7 Rounds For Time: 6 T2B 12 Air Squats *12 min Cap*

14 min AMRAP: 6 Pistols 10 HSPU 30 Double Unders