Wednesday, May 20

The Benchmark Bonanza is fast approaching, and there is still time for you to sign up to compete. We have scaled and RX'd divisions for men and women. If you have ever thought about competing this is your chance. Doing your first competition in your home gym will make it that much easier. You know the people and you are familiar with the equipment. If you aren't sure, please talk to one of the coaches. We'd love to see a few more 616 faces on the competition floor. When it comes to athletics, hip extension is where we are going to generate most of the power. Whether it's for running, squatting, throwing or almost anything else, if you can't extend your hips powerfully, you are missing out on a good bit of performance.

Tightness in the front of the hip will limit your ability to fully extend the joint and thereby limit your power. It can also cause back and knee pain. So if you have limited hip extension get to work fixing it. Check out the Mobility WOD below on hip extension and use the exercises to help open you up. We do a few of these in class regularly, but there's never enough time to get it all in frequently enough, so use this video as your guide for homework.

Hopefully the video helps you understand why we do these mobilizations as well. Even if you don't always "feel" it while we are mobilizing, you should benefit from the greater range of motion.

Workout for Wednesday, May 20 Deadlift Drop Set Emphasis - 4 Sets, Rest 3 min between sets! Complete A followed immediately by B A: 3 Reps @ 80% - 85% B: 7 Reps @ 55% - 60%

18 min AMRAP 12 Wall Balls 12 Lunges With Wallball Overhead Run 1 Lap