Tuesday, May 26

Great job on Murph everyone. We are so proud of you for pushing through a workout like that. Murph can get in your head because it's so long, but if you do what you are capable of doing, you can get through it, and we saw that on Monday. Remember that Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay so bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit. We love seeing new faces around the gym and this is the perfect day for it. Every day is not great for first timers, so if you have a friend that wants to try CrossFit please bring him or her on Wednesday.

Workout for Tuesday, May 26 Shoulder and Hip Mobility

Tabata: (8min total) Sit Ups Slam Balls 16 rds total, alternating movements each round.

4 Rounds For Time: Row 600m 25 Double Unders