Wednesday, May 27

Registration for the Benchmark Bonanza ends this week. There are more than a few of you out there that are ready to compete and have asked, so get signed up! Click here to register now! It's another Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring someone that has never tried CrossFit and show them how much fun you can have while working out really hard!

Ben sent me this article a few days ago and it brings up some really interesting points about strength training. It's more about what strength training can do to you psychologically rather than physically. How you can transform your mental state, confidence and more along with your muscles. But what does that mean for everyone. If you all of the sudden go from someone in the background to the foreground how do you handle that. Does getting thrust into the spotlight scare you a little bit? If so, that's ok. Everyone wants/needs different levels of attention. Changing your life can be scary, but it's how you handle it that is important.

From the article:

I think we all agree that serious strength work can transform your life. But transformation is by its nature a violent act. In order to be rebuilt, things get torn down — and that’s a big deal, whether you’re talking about a nation, a building, or a person. ... Strength opens doors — which is pretty great…but also maybe a little scary, depending on what’s behind them. Maybe so scary that a student decides they’re not sure about this whole training thing after all.

Thanks Ben!

Workout for Wednesday, May 27 14 min Interval Row for Calories: Row 1 min, rest 1 min

21-15-9 For Time: KB Swings KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls Run 400m

Each round ends with a 400m run including after round of 9!