Monday, June 1st

First of all...Congratulations to 8th Day Gym's finish as a team and Alyssa Ritchey's finish as an individual at the Central Regional this weekend! Also, congratulations to Crossfit Shift of Lansing for their great work at Regionals! Just a reminder, if you've been thinking about still signing up for Benchmark Bananza, the individual competition we will be hosting June 13th, make sure you do so soon! There's no guarantee that you'll get a competition t-shirt at this point, but it's guaranteed to be a good time! If you signed up to help us run the competition keep an eye open for an email this week. We will be sending out times that we'll be hosting for everyone to get together to review judging standards and other responsibilities for the competition. Don't be nervous about judging, we will get you all the information and practice you need to feel confident come competition time.

We've got some overhead work today. Anytime we move we must brace our core muscles! Putting an object overhead requires special attention to stabilizing our core to protect the alignment in our shoulders and back. Forget the heavy weight if you are unable to lock down your abs and stay tight. Today is a great time to work on technique with the jerks in locking down the core and getting under the bar with locked out arms quickly. The same rules apply to the thrusters for keeping your core tight. Your abs should be squeezed tight for the front squat portion along with the press at the top. Moving correctly and safely pays off in numerous ways including lifting without injury and moving more efficiently. Obviously if we can stay injury free from good technique we can put in more great workouts improving our fitness day to day. Moving more efficiently might take a split second longer at times, but if you're able to waste less energy it will end up shaving seconds off WOD times and adding strength to your lifts.

Workout for Monday, June 1st Every 2 min for 16 min Complete 3 Push Jerks Build up in weight

4 Rounds For Time 11 Thrusters (115/85) 11 T2B Run 220 Meters (1 lap around building)