Tuesday, June 2

This will be my obligatory "don't cherry pick" post of the year. We have a lot of running scheduled for the day and it always seems like we get a lot of people that just can't get to the gym on these days. But if you can make it today I think this workout will tell you a lot about where you are in your training and help you become a better runner. And let's face it, being a better runner makes running suck a lot less. The mental approach is so important and can really make or break a workout. If you are constantly saying to yourself how much you hate something and how terrible it is it's probably going to be pretty terrible. But if you can try to take a positive approach and set mini goals for the things you don't like or aren't good at you may find the workout gets a lot less terrible.  When I have to do a lot of something I don't like I will try to do a set number of reps without stopping. Or I'll try to run a certain distance hard before slowing a little. When I can accomplish those little goals within the workout I find I don't mind as much and I feel really great about the workout afterwords.  Hopefully you are looking forward to getting outside a little and working on your running. We don't get to do this much in Michigan so we try to take advantage when we can. Take this opportunity to make yourself better! Workout for Tuesday, June 2

Deadlifts EMOTM Min 1-3: 5 Reps @ 70% Min 4-8: 2 Reps @ 80% Min 9-10: 10 Reps @ 40% Beginner Strength: EMOTM 3 reps @ 115/85

Run 1 mile rest 2 min Run 1200 meters rest 2 min Run 800 meters rest 2 min Run 400 meters