Wednesday, June 3

Let's face it, if your ankle mobility sucks, your movement all the way up the chain is most likely going to suck. It's just like anything else built on a bad foundation. Unfortunately, fixing the ankles is tough. 25 percent of your body's bones and muscles are in the foot/ankle. There's a lot going on down there and it's going to take some time to fix things. Watch the video below for a half hour session on mobilizing the ankle. You will find squatting, jerking, cleaning, snatching, overhead squatting, pistol-ing, and lots of other stuff will get a lot easier with improved ankle range of motion. This video will help, but you have to do it!

Workout for Wednesday, June 3 30 minutes to complete: 4 rounds of 1 min ME Double Unders or 4 minutes of DU practice (doesn't have to be 4 min straight!) 8 Rope Climbs or Rope Climb Variations Pistol Practice: if you have pistols, do 4 sets of 14, each for time.

10 min AMRAP 50 Wall Balls 40 Pull Ups 30 Hand Stand Push Ups (scale with hand release push ups) 20 Walking Lunges 10 Burpees *Go back to wall balls after Burpees if time remains*