Thursday, June 4

As athletes and coaches, always respect and take pride in the process of development. Gymnastics skills are not and should never be thought of as all or nothing. You don’t have a muscle-up or not have a muscle-up. You have a work in progress somewhere between the first tentative attempt and absolute virtuosity. Every skill develops on a continuum, and small improvements have incredible value and transferability to other skills.

Gymanstic skill development is hard. I'm talking about all bodyweight movements, from pushups to pullups to handstands and more. If you can't move your own body well in space, how can you expect to move external objects, like a barbell, well?

You need to develop body awareness so you know what your body is doing in space and time. All the way from your head to your toes. These skills can be hard to develop and they take more time than most people are willing to dedicate, but if you put in the work you will improve and your other non-gymnastic movements will improve as well.

CrossFit gymnastics coach David Durante wrote a great article in the CrossFit Journal on developing gymnastics skills called Gymnastics: The Long Journey Worth Taking. This is a short article worth reading.

The quote above is from the article and it really hit home when I read it. It's not about having or not having a particular movement. We are all progressing towards something, but we all on different points of the continuum. I think this approach helps me not get so down about not being able to do a particular movement. I will get there one day, I'm just not there yet.

Workout for Thursday, June 4 Every 2 minutes for 20 min Complete 1 Full Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats Build Up in Weight through sets

3 Rounds for Time: 30 Sit Ups 25 Calorie Row 20 DB Snatches (10 Each Arm, Alternating)