Monday, June 8

A few announcements for you to start the week. First, the Benchmark Bonanza is this Saturday! If you have signed up to volunteer you should have received an email with some important information. There are a few options for you to attend a volunteer meeting so we can go over job assignments and judging standards. If you are competing, you should have received an email with important event information. We are looking forward to a great event and if you aren't volunteering or competing we really hope you will be there to watch. Please invite your friends and family to come check it out as well. This Friday Luke will begin shadowing some classes as he begins his journey to becoming a coach at 616. We are excited to have Luke on board. As many of you know, he is a school teacher and is already putting his passion for education to work, and now he can apply that to the CrossFit world. Although we won't give him nearly as many snow days!

It's obviously road construction season in Michigan and hopefully we won't have to deal with Turner Ave. being closed too much longer, but it looks like Ann St. may be closed for a little bit too starting Monday. I can't find any info on the MDOT, GR City, or Kent County sites for dates and closures, but I was told it is going to be closed. Your best bet may be to go to Alpine and come back South, or get off at Leonard and go North on Alpine. Hopefully it's not too much of a pain.

Please check the announcement board at the gym for more upcoming events. There's a lot of fun planned this summer and we want to see you there. Also, there's more stuff on the horizon and we will get you the info ASAP!

Workout for Monday Back Squats, 1 set every 2 min 2 sets of 5 @ 70% 1 set of 4 @ 75% 2 sets of 2 @ 75% w/ 2 sec pause in bottom

For Time: 5-4-3-2-1 Bar Muscle Ups KB Swings X 4 Run 800m 10-8-6-4-2 C2B Pull Ups Ball Slams X 2

The ONE 800m run is AFTER 5-4-3-2-1 portion is completed, not after each round!