Wednesday, June 10

The Benchmark Bonanza is this Saturday and we could use a few more volunteers if you can make it. Even if you can be here for a short while and judge a heat or two that could help give someone else a break during the day. Hopefully we see you Saturday either way. Also, we obviously won't be having class this Saturday due to the competition, so if you show up, we may just put you to work! Now, watch the video below. If you or anyone you know suffers from type 2 diabetes or obesity please watch and share this video. It's absurd how out of date our dietary guidelines are in this country. It's time to look at real evidence and take our health into our own hands by eating real food and ignoring the misinformation.

Workout for Wednesday, June 10 4 Sets, one every 2 min: Deadlift 1X7 @ 65% 1X5 @ 75% 1X3 @ 80% 1X7 @ 55%

10 Rounds, 2 min each Round 30 Sec Deadlift Hold (275/185) 7 Burpees Rest 1 min between each round. If bar is dropped before 30 sec, add 7 burpees to penalty box. At end of WOD, complete reps from the penalty box.