Friday, June 12

Weekly Roundup! 1. Want that first pullup? Need more strict pullups? This is the video for you. Here's some good pullup scaling oprtions as well as some good variations to help you get better at pullups in general.

2. Here's a pretty interesting article on back pain and why we have it and why there are some cultures that don't have any back pain. Well someone finally decided to figure out why and NPR has the story. Listen to it below or read the article here.

3. We've been saying for a while that sitting for long periods of the day is no good for you. We encourage you to look at a standing desk to help restore normal hip function. Now people are taking this concept to schools and getting kids into standing desks and the results are pretty amazing. Kids hate it at first, but once they adapt, they are less restless, more attentive and move better outside of the classroom. Read more about this project here.

Workout for Friday, June 12 Close Grip Bench Press 5 sets of 7 Reps

12 min AMRAP Row 250m 15 KB Swings 12 HR Push Ups 9 Box Jumps