Tuesday, June 30

This Instagram post from Julie Foucher is something I wish we would see more of on social media. So much of what's out there are the successes and PRs of the best of the best. We let ourselves believe that these people were just always great. We don't get to see all of the hard work that got them there. Check out the post from Julie below to see where it all started. Remember, she finished third at the CrossFit Games last year. Hopefully it is encouraging to see that the best looked like this at one time. I know I looked that way when I started, and although I'm not great, I am a lot better than where I was. And I am sure, with hard work and dedication, you will be a lot better than you were a few years from now.

Workout for Tuesday, June 30 Deadlift 1X6 @ 65% 4X6 @ 70% One Set Every 2:30

12 min AMRAP 7 Strict Pull Ups Run 100m 9 T2B 30 Double Unders