Thursday, July 2

If you want to go to the Whitecaps game with us you need to be signed up before noon on Friday, July 3. The game is July 11 at 7 pm and it's Star Wars Night! I'm dressing as Luke Skywalker and bringing my lightsaber. Feel free to come in costume. Brian was captured by bounty hunter Boba Fett at Star Wars Night 2013. He later escaped.

I was going over this with someone at the gym today and remembered the video below. If you have flat feet it's a problem. You are losing stability in the ankle and causing poor knee movement while squatting. You can work to correct this though. Check out the Mobility WOD below for a full explanation and how to keep your feet from collapsing during the squat.

Workout for Thursday, July 2 14 min, Every 2 min: 1 Hang Clean 1 Full Clean 1 Front Squat Start @ 50-60% of FS Max, Build Up in Weight

3 Rounds For Time: 7 Muscle Ups 7 Squat Clean Thrusters (165/105) *Scale MU with 7 C2B Pull Ups or 7 Ring Rows PLUS 7 Dips (rings, matador, or boxes)* 13 min Time Cap Squat Clean Thruster should be approximately 70-75% of Push Press Max.