Friday, July 3

Yes, we have the full normal schedule today, but on Saturday, July 4 we only have class at 8:30 am! Weekly Roundup - Here's the good stuff I saw this week:

1. I'm just going to keep saying it. Sleep is important! If you aren't getting enough sleep, you aren't performing as well as you could be in the gym and in life. The NFL is on board, shouldn't you be? Seahawks teaching players: Sleep is a 'weapon'

2. Eat your fat. Fat Is Back: New Guidelines Abandon The Upper Limit On Dietary Fat

The latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – the government-sanctioned recommendations about what we should and shouldn’t eat – will include a game-changing edit: There’s no longer going to be a recommended upper limit on total fat intake.

Also, "cholesterol will no longer be considered a 'nutrient of concern.'" Eat all the eggs you want!

3. Because this is hilarious/ridiculous/sad

Workout for Friday, July 3 Filthy 50 For Time: 50 Box jump (24/20) 50 Jumping pull-ups 50 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1) Walking Lunge, 50 steps 50 Knees to elbows 50 Push press (45/35) 50 Super Man 50 Wallballs (20/14) 50 Burpees 50 Double unders