Monday, July 6

Whitecaps tickets will be in this week. We will have a price for the tickets by Tuesday and you can pay us when you pick them up. Please pick up your tickets at the gym before the game on Saturday. The following Saturday, July 18 is our annual Beach WOD. We will workout at Grand Haven State Park and the workout will begin at 10 am sharp! We're giving you an extra half hour to get out there so please be on time. It gets crowded out there on the weekends so plan accordingly. Also, our friends at Lake State CrossFit in Dewitt are coming over to join in the fun. After the WOD we can hang out on the beach for the rest of the day.

We've got front squats today and if you are new to these, you might find your wrists hurt a little. Working your wrist mobility can help. Here's an article from CrossFit Invictus on improving your wrist mobility.

Workout for Monday, July 6 Pause Front Squats (2 sec pause): 1X3 @ 75% 2X3 @ 80% Front Squat (no pause): 2X5 @ 80%

Beginner Strength 5X5 Front Squat @ 75/55 lbs or + 10 lbs

21-18-15-12 For Time: Wall Balls KB Swings (1.5/1) CASH OUT WITH 50 T2B