Thursday, July 9

Hurry, time is running out! If you want an Andrea's Army t-shirt or tank top you need to order by Monday, July 13. All shirts are pre-order only and can be purchased online here. All profits from the sales of these shirts will go directly to the Andersen Family medical fund. t-shirt_web

Now, on to some mobility for the week. Here's a 30 minute session on fixing low back pain and the butt wink while squatting. If you can't watch the full session, please watch the first 10 minutes. He does a great job of explaining how deep you should squat and how to know when to stop. The answer to how deep you should squat is as far as you can go with proper form. If you can't hold position as you bottom out, you shouldn't bottom out. The reason for a butt wink (posterior pelvic tilt) may be lack of mobility or lack of neurological control, both of which can be improved with training. Check out the video below for demonstration and more explanation of all of this.

Workout for Thursday, July 9 Bench Press 5X5 @ Bodyweight or +10 lbs Superset with 5X3 Weighted Pull Ups

13 min AMRAP: 7 rounds of Cindy, then: Row 500m 20 Walking Lunges

1 Round of Cindy = 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats