Friday, July 10

If you're going to the Whitecaps game Saturday, come get your tickets! $5 each. You must get them by the end of class Saturday morning. We will be sitting in the left field lawn section! It's Friday! Weekly Roundup time!

1. Starting off with something good - 10 Types Of People You Will Find In A CrossFit Gym. (from CrossFit Border via Wod Magazine)

Here's a couple of them. Click here for the full list - featuring Captain Oblivious, The Crop Duster and more.

The Chalk Monster

Going for a run? Better chalk up. We aren’t sure who the chalk monster is, because they are usually covered in chalk. Whether it’s running, burpees or skipping, expect a cloud of dust to follow the monster everywhere.

If you are ever too far away from the chalk bucket and need to chalk-up, give them a high five and not only do you look like you are encouraging them, but you’re also getting enough chalk to last you the whole workout.

The Sweater

It’s the end of the workout and high fives all-round. When you give the sweater some love you feel like Jessie from ‘Free Willy’ when the Whale jumps over the rocks at the end. Doing a partner workout with the sweater can be testing, especially when there is wall balls and you share the same ball.

The sweater is awesome when… um… I’ll get back to you.

These are just my favorites, because we have our own version at 616. You know who you are! And we still love you!

2. BMI is still used by doctors to determine if a person is overweight or obese. But more and more research shows BMI is not necessarily an accurate metric of how healthy we are. Check out this article from the NY Times on how different people can look with the same BMI. Check out the graphic showing six men of the same height and weight (therefore, the same BMI) who all have completely different body types and body fat percentages. Check it out here.

Workout for Friday, July 10 25 min to Complete: 10 sets of: 1 Full Snatch + 2 OHS These Should be Heavy.

3 min AMRAP: 5 Power Snatch (75/55) 5 OHS (75/55) Rest 4 min 6 min AMRAP: 5 Hang Power Cleans (95/65) 5 Front Squats (95/65) Run 100m