Monday, July 20

Check out the video below on body position in the kipping and butterfly pullups. The hollow body and arch position should not be sacrificed just to get a pullup. These things have progressions and if you aren't able to hold a hollow on the floor then it probably won't get any better when hanging. We need to develop these skills from the ground up. All of these skills transfer and we need to start thinking about that more and more as we begin to master these movements. Don't just kip or butterfly for the sake of doing it. You should be in control and have the necessary shoulder strength to support these movements. Sure, it looks cool and fast, but if you aren't ready you aren't ready. Build the base first and then apply it.

Workout for Monday, July 20 Every 2 min. for 16 min. 2 Full Cleans Rest 10 sec. between reps *Start around 60% of front squat

13 Minute AMRAP 2 Strict Pullups 5 Wall Balls 4 Strict Pullups 10 Wall Balls 6 Strict Pullups 15 Wall Balls Continue pattern...