Monday, August 3

If you have some time this week, watch the full interview with Bill Phillips below. Phillips has been helping people transform their bodies and lives for decades and he has some great insight on how to reach your goals. When he begins a transformation with someone he asks five questions:1. Where are you now? 2. Where do you want to be? 3. When are you going to start? (the Monday that never comes) 4. Why do you want to do it? 5. How are you going to do it?

I think we can all benefit from asking ourselves these questions and having good answers for them. Check out the podcast and hopefully you will be inspired to reach your next goals. The first half is a little history of Phillips, and the discussion of his plan begins really in the second half.

Workout for Monday, August 3 EMOTM for 10 min: Odd Min: 3 Deadlifts @ 70% + 30 Double Unders Even Min: 3 Deadlifts @70% + 5 Bar Facing Burpees

For Time: Run 200m 2 Bar Muscle Ups Run 400m 4 Bar Muscle Ups Run 800m 8 Bar Muscle Ups Run 400m 4 Bar Muscle Ups Run 200m 2 Bar Muscle Ups

Scale Bar Muscle Ups with 2X Ring Rows, 2X Pull Ups or 2X C2B Pull Ups.