Thursday, August 6

The workout for Thursday is from the CrossFit Games. That means it's going to be challenging, but it will be doable for you all. Of course, we will scale the workout as necessary just like we always do, but we want you to give it your best shot and challenge yourself in a new way. This is a CrossFit Games workout that many of you are capable of doing as prescribed, so don't shy away from this one! Positive self talk can be so important to your performance. Believing you can accomplish something can get you over the hump and telling yourself you can't do it will surely make things more difficult. Check out the short talk below on positive self talk and "the greatest adaptation" that come from CrossFit.

Workout for Thursday, August 6 2014 Games WOD "Triple 3" Row 3,000 meters 300 Double Unders Run 3 miles

50 min Time Cap