Wednesday, August 12

I wasn't going to post this article right away, but not soon after getting it sent over from Harvey did the topic come up in class. So, here it is Your Fitness Will Be Fine, Go Take That Vacation.

Studies seem to vary, but the typical timeline for strength losses can set in at around two weeks while muscle losses can show around two to four weeks. Losses in cardio tend to happen faster. These timelines will vary due to fitness and training level, type of training (cardio versus strength training), and even if any activity occurred during the vacation.

It goes on to say that even though you may loose some of that fitness in a couple of weeks away from training, you will recover it quickly. It also points out that taking some time off now and then may actually help you recover (physically and mentally) and be able to train harder when you come back.

I've seen it countless times, people miss a day and feel the need to do two workouts the next day just to make up for it. You don't need to do that. In fact, I don't recommend that at all.

Don't punish yourself for missing a workout or two or a week. Enjoy the time, do something fun and active that you don't normally try. And don't worry, your fitness will be there when you get back.

Thanks for sending this to me Harvey, although I suspect you did it just so you could see your name in print.

Workout for Wednesday, August 12 8 Rounds of: In 50 sec complete: 7 T2B + Overhead Plate Hold (remainder of :50) Rest 10 sec

3 Rounds for Time: Run 200m 21 Wall Balls 15 Burpees

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