Friday, August 21

OMG, it's time for the Weekly Roundup! 1. $6 Asparagus water? I'll sell you some for $5.

2. This just in from The Onion - Report: Majority Of Americans Now Eating One Continuous Meal A Day

The trend is believed to have started in the American Midwest, before gradually spreading over the past decade to all regions of the country and finally becoming national orthodoxy, according to the sociologists’ 400-page, marinara-stained report.

3. If you missed the US National Championships in weightlifting last weekend you missed 15-year-old CJ Cummings setting an American record in the clean and jerk. It was a youth, junior and senior record and is an unofficial junior world record for the 69 kg (152 lbs.) weight class. He clean and jerked 175 kg, which is 385 pounds at just 15 years old! Insane! This kid is the future of American weightlifting and I can't wait to see him progress over the next few years.

4. Did you know the national dish of England is Chicken Tikka Masala? Well, now you do and here's a video from Paleo Nick on how to make a Paleo and Zone friendly version of the dish. Seems pretty easy and delicious.

Workout for Friday, August 21 Deadlift 1X4 @ 70% EMOTM for 3 min, Rest 2 min 1X3 @ 75% EMOTM for 3 min, Rest 2 min 1X2 @ 80% EMOTM for 3 min

For Time: Buy In with 400m Run 25 Thrusters (65/45) 15 Burpees to Target 6" Out of Reach Rest 2 min 15 Burpees to Target 6" Out of Reach 25 Thrusters (65/45) Cash Out with 400m Run

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