Monday, August 24

This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit. The last Wednesday of each month is designated as a friends day and the workouts are designed to give you a good workout, without being too much for a new person. If you have a friend that wants to try CrossFit and can not make a friends day, please let us know and we can check the schedule to find a day that is appropriate for a first-time visitor. I posted video of CJ Cummings American record lift last week and I thought the girls deserved some love as well. Here's Mattie Rogers' three cleans from Nationals last weekend. She misses her last lift, and there is a side-by-side comparison of all three so you can see the little differences that might have caused the miss. Hopefully Mattie will be representing the US at the Olympics next year.

From Hookgrip: A side angle look at Mattie Rogers (-69kg, USA) clean and jerking 117kg, 120kg/264lb and attempting 122kg. She's been competing mainly as a 63kg lifter in her career but she recently decided to move up to 69kg and she managed to set a Junior American Record in the snatch (98kg) and set a 16kg PR in the competition total (218kg) which was good enough to lock her onto the senior world team headed to Houston in a few months. Her spot on the senior world team is also going to be her 2nd qualifying int'l competition which means that she is individually eligible to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games -- now she'll just need to win a spot on the team at the Olympic Trials next year.

Workout for Monday, August 24 EMOTM for 12 min Odd Min: 40 Double Unders Even Min: 8 Weighted Pistols (4 each leg) *Use KB or Plate as weight. If unable to add weight do Pistols or Pistol Scales.

For Time: 45 Wall Balls 45 Calorie Row 45 Pull Ups 45 Double Unders 45 Ring Dips

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