Wednesday, August 26

Today is Wednesday FriendsDay so bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit! I've just started the book Spark by Dr. John Ratey and although I'm just a few pages in, there's some fascinating stuff I wanted to share. I can't wait to finish it so I can give a full recap.

I took a picture of just one of the great things I saw today, which you can see below. The book is about how exercise affects the brain and, good news, it makes your brain work better!

As you can see in the paragraph below, just one of the things exercise does is make you learn more efficiently. You may pick things up 20% faster if you are in shape. That's just another great reason to exercise and I haven't gotten to the parts about how it can help grow and heal the brain, which can help prevent neurological disorders.


When I'm done with the book I'll let you know and have it available to borrow if you want.

Workout for Wednesday, August 26 For Time: 21-15-9 KB Swings Air Squats Run 400m 21-15-9 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls T2B Run 400m 21-15-9 Box Step Ups (alternating legs) Push Ups 16 min Time Cap, Total of two 400m runs.

For Time: Row 1000m-750m-500m-250m Rest 1 min between Rows

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