Thursday, August 27

Stop rounding your back. That's The subject of the latest Barbell Shrugged episode and they make some good points. We all know that lifting weights with a rounded back is dangerous, but sometimes we still do it. We chalk it up to "going for a max lift" or "in the heat of competition," but the problem is we aren't usually in either of those situations. So, if you are letting yourself round your back during TRAINING (not competing) in the gym, you are only making yourself "stronger" in a bad position, which will lead to injury. Moving more weight in a bad position will not help you down the road, you're only reinforcing poor movement.

Watch the clip from the episode below for more on this issue and watch the full episode on Youtube for ways to stop rounding your back and stay safe. SPOILER ALERT: You are probably going to have to lift less weight for a little while. Don't let the ego get in the way.

Workout for Thursday, August 27 Front Squats - Focus on Posture 3X7 @ 65% 2X5 @ 75%

Beginner Strength Front Squat 5X5 @ 75/55 lbs or +10 from last Front Squats

See 6/2/15 For Time: Run 1 mile Rest 2 min Run 1200m Rest 2 min Run 800m Rest 2 min Run 400m

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