Monday, August 31

Hope you had a great weekend. Remember that we will be closed next Monday for Labor Day. All other days this coming weekend will have the normal schedule. I had the chance to get out of the gym this weekend and do some training I'm not used to. It was a ton of fun to go train with people outside of the CrossFit world and do some new things. Although, as I was dragging the tire across the parking lot for the sixth time I was thinking something completely different. It was hard, but fun.

I love CrossFit, and I believe there is room for everything in our training. It's easy to get stuck in the pattern of deadlift, squat, clean, pullup, repeat, but it's important to throw some new things in from time to time. When you get challenged physically in the real world, it's unlikely you'll be able to overcome that challenge by lifting a barbell.

Picking up odd objects and moving your body in different plains are important pieces of overall fitness. While we still have nice weather I encourage you to get outside and try something new. The gym is here to prepare you for life, but don't forget to get out and live that life too!

Workout for Monday, August 31 Deadlift - Single Reps 2X3 @ 75% 2X3 @ 80% 3X2 @ 85% Control Weight to Floor. Stand Up Between Reps.

For Time: 15-12-9-6-3 Back Squats (135/95) Burpees T2B

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