Tuesday, September 1

There is no hiding in the world of CrossFit. This article from Invictus sums up how great CrossFit can be at demonstrating your strengths and exposing your weaknesses. But they don't just leave you hanging, the author give three points on how to improve those weaknesses and stop fearing certain workouts.

I really like the third point: Control Your Emotions and Enhance Your Mindset, where he says

On the flip side, imagine being in a workout with one of those movements that you are not so good at is tossing you around a little bit. You are beginning to get frustrated. You are beginning to get annoyed at your coach for holding you accountable to intensity, irritated by others in the class for being too close to you, you feel like you need more chalk, you hate the song that is playing, this random injury magically appeared, etc. This is just a mini-list of the many things that go through an athlete’s head when they begin to reach their breaking point. Remain poised and calm at all costs.

This is some good advice heading into today's workout. Handstand pushups can be a frustrating movement for many of us. It's also a weakness for many of us. Don't get frustrated, but assess where you are with the movement and then get to work making it better. Read the full article here.

Workout for Tuesday, Sept. 1 Shoulder Mobility

HSPU Biathlon 40-30-20 HSPU Run 400m Before Each Set If set is broken, 200m Run Penalty

If unable to do AT LEAST 15 HSPU Unbroken, do Push Press Push Press @ 75/55 to scale for HSPU

*May Rest on HSPU on head, but CAN NOT move hands. Push Press can rest overhead or front rack only.

18 min Time Cap

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