Thursday, September 10

We've got some skill work on tap for today and if you're new to these movements or still working on mastering them, here are a couple of videos to help. We will review all of these in class, but if you have a good understanding of them before we get started you will be able to get into the workout much quicker and get more practice in. And lots of practice is the only way to improve these skills. Once you've watched the videos, take some time to visualize yourself doing these movements. Think about what your body needs to do to make this happen. Visualizing can really help you master these skill movements that require coordination and timing because you can see yourself doing them the correct way.

Double under technique:

Bar muscle up technique:

Rope climb techniques:

Workout for Thursday, September 10 20 min Working Not For Time. Complete the following Tasks IN ORDER: 2 Sets of Max Effort Bar Muscle Ups Scale Bar MU with Attempts (high C2B Pull Ups), Negative Pull Ups or Ring Rows 5 Sets of 50 Double Unders + 2 Rope Climbs Scale DU with 15 Attempts Scale Rope Climbs with Seated Sled Pulls

10 Rounds Run 200m Rest 1 min

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