Thursday, September 17

Ever wonder why we do crab walks before rings dips and muscle ups? We want to work on getting the shoulder into extension to help work the mobility needed for those movements. If you have trouble getting into the bottom of the dip or transitioning on the muscle up it may be because your shoulders are lacking extension. Crab walking can help. Watch the video below on how to properly crab walk from CrossFit's gymnastics certification. Also, if you can't get your hips up when crab walking it may be due to your shoulders not opening and not your glutes. Next time we crab walk, pay attention to what feels tight and/or where you feel restricted.

Workout for Thursday, September 17 Rowing Intervals - 4 Rounds Row 500m, Rest 2 min

For Time: Buy in With 400m Run + 40 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 5 Rounds of: 8 C2B Pull Ups 9 Sit Ups 10 Air Squats Cash Out with 400m Run + 40 Russian KB Swings

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