Friday, September 18

Remember, there are no evening classes at the gym today. Our evening class will be held at Sietsema's Orchard in Ada. Be there by 5:30 pm! We will work out and then enjoy a cider. Click here for directions. Weekly Roundup!

1. Another good one from Brian Johnson, reviewing John Durant's book The Paleo Manifesto

When you’re lost in the wild, eating a handful of unknown berries or a mysterious mushroom can kill you, but there’s nothing you can eat or drink that will dramatically or permanently improve your health. Poisons are real; the Fountain of Youth isn’t. The same principle applies in the grocery store: what not to eat can be more important than what to eat. The single most important way for many people to quickly improve their health is to subtract unhealthy foods, not to add healthy foods. Eating broccoli does not ‘cancel out’ devouring three slices of pizza. Top on this list are industrial foods (sugar, vegetable oils) as well as the seed-based crops they’re made out of (cereal grains, legumes). Think of these as slow-acting poisons when consumed in large quantities.

2. Because the 5 pm Wednesday class never got the answer to the trivia question "Who is Cyndi Lauper's famous wrestler father?" here is the video below. I believed the answer to be Captain Lou Albano. However, after researching for this post I found out he wasn't her actual father, but just appeared in many of her videos as her father. They were good friends and even wrestled each other on MTV! You can read all about their relationship (and "The Loaded Purse of Doom) here. And for all you young'ns out there, Lou Albano was also the voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Workout for Friday, September 18 Take 20 min to Complete 7 sets of 2 Clean (full) and Jerks *Start Light - Build up in weight with clean makes, does not have to be Touch n Go*

Work 20 sec Rest 10 sec For 8 Rounds Max Effort Clean and Jerks (135/95) *Power Cleans and Push Jerks* Work 20 sec Rest 10 sec For 8 Rounds Burpees *No Rest Between CJ and Burpees*

Run 1 Mile

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