Friday, October 2

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As for the Weekly Roundup...

We've been hammering hip extension (squeezing your butt at the top) all week. It's something that we all need to focus on doing whenever we are moving a barbell or another object. The hips are powerful and when we learn to use them to their full potential we will begin to make lifts more frequently and the weight will increase. While not every lift is perfect we are always aiming to become more consistent with the big parts. Here's a great slow motion of Lydia Valentin taking an insanely heavy load through all of the positions we constantly talk about (mid-shin, top of knee, power position), and exploding with powerful hips at the top.


In case you haven't noticed, your coaches have a few new routines since coming back from the Level 2 Trainer's Course. We will continue to communicate the goal of each day's workout from strength to the WOD. Pay attention at the whiteboard huddles and do your best to stick to what the stimulus of the workout is. If it's a light and fast day, take the coach's advice and scale accordingly. If it's a heavy day, challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. Your coaches will let you know if you're biting off more than you can chew. Stick to the goal of the workout; the programming and your coaches will take care of improving your fitness.

We are always striving to make you better through the best coaching possible. We will continue to challenge you to move as efficient as possible so that your intensity can continue to increase. Whether you're a new member or have been CrossFitting with us since the beginning of CrossFit 616, your coaches are always looking to help you improve your fitness. We love what we do in correcting movement and working with all of you each day. While you might get frustrated with us while we challenge you to tighten up or fix certain positions just remember that our number one priority is providing the best coaching possible. After all, it's what the best community of CrossFitters deserves!

Workout for Friday, October 2 Push Jerks w/ Pause (working out of the rack or off jerk blocks) 5 Sets of 3 Reps

Start no higher than 60% of Push Press. Build up with clean lifts. Pause 1 second in catch position of Jerk with locked out arms and tight core. Focus is on Speed & Position in catch, NOT on going heavy. Heels down, core tight, arms locked out!

9 min AMRAP: 10 Push Press (95/65) 10 Front Rack Lunges (95/65) Alternating Legs 50 Double Unders

*Scale DU with 1 min of DU Practice OR 75 Singles.

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