Tuesday, October 6

We're having another movie night! We'll be watching Froning on Friday, October 9 at 7 pm. Bring your own snacks, drinks, rotisserie chickens, whatever. If you aren't familiar with the history of CrossFit, this movie will get you started. There are a lot of great CrossFit athletes that have come and gone over the years, but Rich is the best. This movie will inspire you to train harder and will probably give you a new respect for the work Games athletes put in.

Here's the preview below if you haven't seen it:

We have also started posting extra credit on the board in the Olympic area. This is for the people who are always asking what they can do for extra work. These workouts/strength work are to compliment our daily programming and will focus on the things you will see in the Open as well as technique.

Workout for Tuesday, October 6 25 minutes - Not For Time Standing Sled Pulls 5 Pulls @ 50 ft each.

Between Sled Pulls Complete 50 Alternating Pistols or 50 Scaled Pistols *Does not have to be one set of 50. Focus on Control and Heel Down*

In 15 minutes: Run 1 Mile AMRAP in Remaining time of 101 Double Unders 21 Sit Ups

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