Thursday, October 15

Hookgrip posted this video yesterday of US National weightlifter Mattie Rogers. His description of the video is below with all of the details and it is definitely worth watching to see on of the best lifters in the US right now. Also, pay attention to her makes and misses. I counted 26 total lifts in the video. She misses nine of them. That's more than one third of her snatch attempts at high level local and national weightlifting events.

This stuff is hard, and we're all going to miss. A lot. You don't make it to the next level of competition or your next personal goal without some misses. What's important is how you respond. For Mattie Rogers, that meant going back to training and fixing her weaknesses. That lead to multiple junior and senior American records.

Don't let the misses bring you down. Learn from them and come back stronger.

Here is Hookgrip's description of the video below:

This video chronicles the last 1.5 years of competition snatches for Mattie Rogers (-63kg & -69kg) over the course of nine competitions where we saw her lift. These competitions ranged from local meets in the USA to USAW Nationals to Junior Worlds. In addition, this shows both the struggle of not-so-good meets (she never bombed but she had meets where she only made her opener) and the success of great meets. Her most recent meet in Utah was a true standout 6/6 meet with 8 total American records. This also shows all five of her Junior American records in the snatch from this year -- the last one, the 102kg snatch, was also a senior American record. Hope you enjoy this compilation and slow motion comparisons at the end!

Workout for Thursday, October 15 EMOTM for 10 min 3 Power Snatches Build Up in Weight - NO PRESS OUTS!

Overhead Squats 5X5 One set every 2 min

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