Monday, October 19

Too much sleep is bad for you. Not enough sleep is bad for you. Don't eat fat. Eat a lot of fat. Don't ever sit down. Standing all day will kill you. It seems like the more we try to educate ourselves on health and fitness the more confusing it gets. Too many sources of information with too many hidden agendas behind them.

We try to sift through all of the information for you and pass on what we believe is the best, but you should always do your research. I watch a lot of documentaries and I'm always checking the backstory to see who is making it and what message they really want to get out. I try to double check the stories I hear on the news too to get another source.

It's really hard, but I believe if you are paying attention at all then you are probably doing the right things. We can argue all day about eating one food over another, but in the end, it's the people that care enough to even think about it that are making the best choices.

Don't let it drive you crazy like the video below.

Workout for Monday, October 19 Front Squat 3x3 @ 75% Back Squat 3x3 @80-85%

Beginners Strength Front Squat 3x5 @ 75/55 Or add 10lbs from last week Back Squat 3x5 @ 115/75 Or add 10lbs from last week

For Time: 20 Overhead Squats (95/65) 15 Russian KB Swings Run 1 Lap (220m) 25 Front Squats (95/65) 15 Russian KB Swings Run 1 Lap (220m) 30 Back Squats (95/65) 15 Russian KB Swings Run 1 Lap (220m)

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