Tuesday, October 20

Thank you all for your support of Barbells for Boobs on Saturday. Once again, you have displayed the generosity and heart that makes the CrossFit community so amazing. You have all donated so much time and money this year to people that needed help, including on of our own, and we can't thank you enough. The year is almost over, but before we move on, we wanted to pass on this letter of thanks from Andrea Andersen and family.

As we approach the end of chemotherapy, this coming Friday, October 23, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and offer a few words of humbled thanks to this amazing community.

Six months ago we were dealt a hand that we couldn’t have imagined. We had an amazing baby and were just adjusting to life as new parents. I’d been staying away from the gym because I thought I had an awful cold. I didn’t want to get anyone else sick. But as it turns out, cancer is not contagious. In the weeks that preceded my diagnosis I’d only let a few people know what was going on. All the testing, the surgery to remove a few lymph nodes for biopsy, I didn’t share this with our FitFam.

Why would I? I was still convinced, even as I was being knocked out with anesthesia for surgery to confirm what my doctors already knew (and I was in deep denial over) that I just didn’t have cancer. Because healthy 27-year-olds with amazing new babies didn’t just get cancer, right? Well, not quite.

I came to the gym the day after the cancer bomb ripped into our lives. Many well-meaning friends and relatives told me I was strong. I would get through this. But in that moment I didn’t feel strong. Or like I would make it through anything. Why was it ME who needed to make it through anything? I will never forget the words Cori said to me that day as I stood in the gym, shaking, crying, and using up all the tissues. She told me it was okay to feel exactly as I was. I was mourning the loss of my health, she said. As if giving me permission to feel scared for all that was to come, and to mourn for myself if I needed. And I was scared. And I did mourn. I won’t say that I immediately felt better. But from that moment, I knew that I would be surrounded by love from this community.

As our heavy news spread across the gym you took us in to an embrace that can only be described as that of people who lift heavy things: with surprising force that took our breath away. You gave us the best hugs and words of encouragement. You offered to cook meals, to clean our house, and to watch our little boy. You took to social media to check in and raise awareness. At the end of July you went beyond what we could have imagined and put on a benefit in our honor. You raised enough for us to be able to pay for our medical bills in ONE day. Let that sink in. One day. We were suddenly unburdened from the biggest source of anxiety in our lives. We were blown away. How could two words – thank you – ever be enough? They do not encompass the wealth of gratitude we have for you all, and for the CrossFit community as a whole.

With our whole hearts and with as much humility, we thank you for all that you have done for us. For coming together as our family during the hardest time we’ve ever been through. For offering words of encouragement during my sad and rather infrequent attempts to stay in shape. We are fortunate to be a part of this huge-hearted community. You have shown us what it truly means to have a community of sweaty individuals come together to as a whole, giant sweaty embrace. We can’t wait to celebrate the end of this misadventure with you all soon.

Workout for Tuesday, October 20 Push Press Every 2 min for 10 min Max Effort Set @ 80%

Beginner Strength: Every 2 min for 10 min 5 Push Press @ 65lb or add 5 to 10 lbs

15 min AMRAP Complete 100 Push Press (65/45) then, in remaining time AMRAP of: 40 Double Unders 12 C2B Pull Ups *Every Time The Bar is Dropped 400m penalty run*

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