Tuesday, October 27

Just wanted to congratulate the teams that competed this past weekend in Muskegon. Our men's team (Pete and Luke) took third place and our women (Kelli and Caitlin) took second. It's really great to see 616 represented so well in the CrossFit community. Your quality of movement and dedication to doing things the right way really shows when you are on the competition floor and that makes your coaches very proud and happy. Thanks for all of your hard work! Also notice the girls actually working out and the boys just looking good! pete_luke_pumpkin


Workout for Tuesday, October 27 Back Squat 3X3 @ 80-85% 2X2 @ 85-90% Front Squat 1 Max Effort Set @ 65% Rest 2 min Between Sets!

Beginner Strength Back Squat 4 Sets of 5 Reps @ 105/75 or + 10 lbs from last time back squatting. Front Squat 1 Set of 5 Reps @ 75/55 or + 10 lb from last time front squatting.

For Time: Buy In with 100 Double Unders, then 7 Rounds of: 7 Hang Power Snatches (115/80) 7 Ring Dips Cash Out with 100 Double Unders

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