Thursday, October 29

We're starting with the Flight Simulator today and that means 500 double unders. This is an advanced workout and we will scale it depending on where you are with double unders. Either way, you're going to get lots of practice with the rope tomorrow. This also means that technique needs to be paramount. If you do 500 (or more) jumps tomorrow with a bad body position you are only reinforcing bad habits. We talk a lot about hollow body and a neutral spine in many of the movements we do and double unders are no different. You need to be controlling your midline (spine and core) while jumping to maximize efficiency and safety.

We did overhead holds with the barbell yesterday to reinforce the tight core and glutes needed and there should be no difference when doing these double unders today.

Watch the video below for further explanation, but please be conscious of how you are moving so we don't waste all of the good position work we did yesterday.

Also, if anyone beats Molly's time in the video below you get a free t-shirt!

Workout for Thursday, October 29 8 min to complete The Flight Simulator - Double Under Practice 5-10-15...45-50-45-40-35...15-10-5 Must be an Unbroken Set of Double Unders before moving to next set. You must STOP between sets.

5 Rounds for Time: 5 Deadlifts (225/155) 7 Strict HSPU 12 OH KB Lunges *For lunges: 6 w/ KB in right hand, 6 w/ KB in left hand*

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