Friday, October 30

Don't forget that the Halloween WOD is Saturday and you better be wearing a costume! If you're not wearing a costume there will definitely be more tricks than treats! Now it's time for the Weekly Roundup!

1. If CrossFit doesn't workout for you, there's always Calcio Storico. I'm pretty sure I saw Christian and Mitch in this video. (Christian's the one with his shirt off.)

MODERN GLADIATORS - CALCIO STORICO from David Battistella on Vimeo.

2. Oh, you got a muscle up?

3. From Hookgrip:

This video titled "CJ Cummings: 108 to 175" shows CJ Cummings' progress over the course of 12 competitions from being a 12.5 year old -56kg lifter making a 108kg 3rd attempt C&J to present day as a 15 year old -69kg making an unofficial Youth World Record 175kg/385lb 3rd attempt C&J. This covers a high % of his nat'l/int'l meets during this time period although we missed a few and we don't have video from all so we made some photo slideshows. He also competed many times prior to the 2012 AO (our first time seeing him) and many times at the local level during the time period shown. As you can see in this video, not all of his meets are good meets, he's had periods of seemingly stalled progress and he's faced a lot of adversity at points in his young career. But he's come through it all with dozens of American Records (there were too many to list in the video including all of his Youth Records -- but basically every time he set a PR, you can assume it was a Youth American Record) and an unofficial Youth World Record (the only competition WR of any kind set by an American in decades) and he's isn't even 15 and a half yet. Look for him at the 2015 American Open in Reno!

Workout for Friday, October 30 Muscle Up Progressions and Practice

Open WOD 14.4 14 min AMRAP 60 Calorie Row 50 T2B 40 Wall Balls 30 Power Cleans (135/95) 20 Muscle Ups

In remaining class time: Build Up to Heavy 2 Rep Clean (Touch n Go, Full Clean)

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