Monday, November 2

It's November already! That means the holiday season is upon us and it's time to prepare now. Let's start thinking about good food choices we can make every day so if you do slip up during the holidays it won't be catastrophic. Let's definitely not have the mindset that we'll just wait until January to start eating right again. Having a plan that you create now will help guide you through the tough days. Don't wait until you get the the big meal or party to make the decision of whether you're going to indulge or not. You need to make those decisions in advance so there is less temptation.

Also, the community we have at 616 is extremely helpful in a lot of ways, including diet support group. If you surround yourself with people living a healthy lifestyle it is much easier to stay on track. And if you tell everyone that you aren't going to make poor food choices, those people can help keep you honest.

Of course we all slip up. That's ok, just get right back on track. Don't dwell on the negative, but look forward to the next good choice you can make.

Workout for Monday, November 2 Complete 7 Snatch Complexes 1 High Hang Snatch 1 Snatch from Top of Knee 1 Full Snatch 3 Overhead Squats Bar may be dropped after Top of Knee Snatch

21-15-9 For Time: Back Squats (205/145) Burpees

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