Friday, November 13

Weekly Roundup time! 1. Guys! We are slowly making a difference with our food choices. It looks like markets are slowly responding to the demand for healthier options. Read this article "A Seismic Shift in How People Eat" from the NY Times and keep demanding better options from food providers!


3. Five Reasons Why I Do CrossFit and Yoga - By Julie Foucher

Workout for Friday, November 13 Front Squats 5X5 @ 75% - 85%

15 min to Complete Buy-In: 12 Overhead Squats, 12 Front Squats, 12 Back Squats (115/80) AMRAP in remaining time of: 25 Slam Ball Sit Ups 25 Dealifts (115/80) 25 Toes To Bar

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