Thursday, November 12

A lot of you (us) have tight hamstrings. The hamstring is a tough muscle to feel sometimes and it's also tough spot to roll out. We've posted some hamstring mobility stuff before that focuses on smashing and stretching, but this video below really focuses on the neurological release of the hamstring to allow the muscle to lengthen and move through a full range of motion. This is a full 30-minute session to open the hamstrings and the hip flexors and he walks you through every step of the process. If you have tight hamstrings I really recommend taking the time to do this routine at least once a week.

Please ask if you have questions.

Workout for Thursday, November 12 Interval Rowing - 5 Rounds Row 15 Cal, Rest 30 Sec 8 min Time Cap

Rest 3 min

EMOTM for 30 min Odd Min: 40 Double Unders Even Min: 1 Round of Cindy

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