Tuesday, November 17

CrossFit headquarters is on a mission to take down big soda. The CrossFit recommended diet is to eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch an no sugar. Well, Coca-Cola has a lot of sugar in it and CrossFit HQ would like to see a warning label on these cans that warns consumers about the dangers of sugar consumption, just like cigarettes have a warning label about tobacco use. I'm honestly not sure where I fall on the whole warning label thing. I think most people know Coke isn't good for them, but that hasn't stopped them. However, education can change the way people see these drinks and it could make a big difference in the health and obesity crises we have in this country.

The big problem seems to come from the fact that Coca-Cola is funding a lot of the "science" that the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) uses to promote "Exercise is Medicine."

The claim is that you can consume these sugary drinks and as long as you exercise enough, you won't realize any of the potential health detriments. I don't believe that is true. Sugar is not good for you and you can not simply out exercise it.

Watch the video from CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman below as he explains why the Coca-Cola funded Exercise is Medicine idea is flawed.

Workout for Tuesday, November 17 Deadlift 1X6 @ 80% 1X8 @ 70% 1X10 @ 60%

11 min AMRAP: 5-10-15-20...Add 5 reps each round Hand Release Push Ups KB Swings (1.5/1) Cal Row

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