Friday, November 20

It looks like we're going to get our first snow of the season soon! Woohoo! Since there may be snow on the ground for a while, please wear a different pair of shoes to the gym so you don't track snow on the gym floor and we can keep the floor as clean and dry as possible for everyone. We have boot trays by the front door so please store wet and snowy shoes there instead of the cubbies. Thanks for your help! Remember that we have an adjusted schedule next week for Thanksgiving:

Wednesday, November 25 Regular schedule through 5 pm class 6pm and 7pm Classes are canceled

Thursday, November 26 Open Gym Only 7:30am – 9:30am (Gym closes at 9:30am)

Friday, November 27 11am CrossFit Class 12pm CrossFit Class

Saturday, November 28 8:30am Elements 9:30am CrossFit Class (regular schedule)

Weekly Roundup time!

1. What makes your muscles grow? This video gives a great, simple explanation of how the muscle building process works. And guess what? It involves proper nutrition and rest along with resistance training!

2. Sugar is bad for you. Check out the preview for "That Sugar Film" that details the 60-day sugar binge of one man and how it affects his health. (Spoiler Alert: His health gets worse)

Workout for Friday, November 20 "Diane" (compare to 4/6/15) 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) Handstand Push Ups

Rest 3 min

Row 75/50 Calories 100 Double Unders Rest 2 min Row 75/50 Calories 200 Double Unders

Running Clock for complete workout (starts with Diane, finishes with 3 rds for time portion). 10 min Cap for Diane

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